Strategy & Insight

A solid strategy is the foundation of all construction marketing activity: it’s the base on which your campaigns and multi-channel marketing activity are built.

Whether you are looking for an agency partner who can craft your marketing strategy from the ground-up, or a collaborative partner who can help you elevate your strategy to allow you to achieve your business objectives, Harris Creative can help.

At Harris, we pride ourselves on our ‘customer first’ marketing strategies, where we start and finish our strategic approach by considering exactly who our clients’ customers are and what they want, so that all marketing activity is focused on creating lasting connections and providing long-term solutions.

Thanks to our knowledge of the construction sector, we’re able to build insights into the strategy from the beginning. After all – your ideal customer may already be one of our clients! But we will always take our time to delve into your customer profiles, the market conditions, your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities that you can act upon.

How we build our construction marketing strategies:

  1. Discovery – internal and external research to get under the skin of your brand, your customers, and the perception of your business and products on the market. This stage will also identify your brand personality, tone of voice, and core objectives.
  2. Planning – collaborating with your in-house stakeholders to devise a workable strategy which will inform all marketing activity. At this stage we would also ensure your brand identity is uniformly applied across all marketing channels
  3. Implementation – switching on your marketing channels and beginning the drive towards achieving your objectives.
  4. Adjustment – our strategies are designed to be fluid and responsive, so we are continually and proactively adjusting our methodology, channels, and key messages so that nothing becomes stale. Your construction marketing strategy should be as dynamic as your business, and we make it our mission to keep up that momentum.

Is your construction marketing strategy delivering?

While specific KPIs are useful when seeking to understand the success of a particular campaign or marketing channel tactic, understanding whether your strategy is hitting the mark can be a more nuanced exercise.

However, by revisiting our clients’ initial insights, and tracking the company’s performance against its business objectives, we can judge whether a strategy is on track. If there is a demonstrable increase in awareness among your customer base, and if you are finding that your sales or enquiries pipeline is filling up consistently, it is a positive sign that your strategy is working as it should.

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