Building the Harris Creative culture

At Harris Creative, we’ve always been proud of our unique culture: we’re often praised for our welcoming atmosphere and supportive working culture, and that’s what makes us able to do our very best for each other and for our clients and partners too.

Distilling what makes Harris Creative different from other construction marketing agencies isn’t easy – but we’ve worked hard to boil it down to a clear mission statement and four core values that underpin every aspect of how we work. In fact, these have always been the foundation stones of our company’s ethos – so these principles come naturally to us.

Our culture is built on people and relationships, a formula that was created when our founder, Jim Harris, first established back in 1986 when the business started life as a family-run architectural photography practice. Our current directors, Neil Craven and Kirsty Scott, have taken on this mantle and we find that the whole team – from veterans to new starters – tends to share similar personal values that allow us all to work seamlessly towards our shared goals.

We know that our way of working has resonated with our colleagues and our clients for decades, and we hope it continues to strike a chord for many more years to come.

The photo shows (left to right) our head of PR, Faye, joint MD, Kirsty, and senior PR account manager, Liz, all wearing on-site PPE.

Our mission statement

Our mission statement gets to the heart of what it means for us to embody our position as one of the leading construction marketing agencies in the UK:

Creative construction marketing built on mutual trust, collaboration, and integrity.

Our core values

Flexibility and trust
For Harris Creative, this means being trusted to do great work for our clients and for each other. We’re free to choose where we work, how we work, and when we work. And we’re allowed – and encouraged – to express our creativity in a way that is unique to us.

We support growth and development, both inside of work and in our personal lives too. After all, we’re the same people outside of work as we are inside, and we want to celebrate each other’s triumphs and help with the tricky times too – personally and professionally.

Our people must feel listened to by our team members, regardless of status, and by our clients. It’s essential that we’re able to communicate our wants and needs through all the various channels available to us.

Integrity means standing by our beliefs and values to maintain a consistent way of working that we know is best for the team, the company, and our clients too – even when that means challenging conventions and breaking norms along the way.