An engaging new website for FenceSafe Hire

What was the brief?

The COVID-19 pandemic made businesses across the world find new ways of working and offer innovative solutions. This includes the launch of FenceSafe Hire, a new venture from The CLD Group of Companies, created in response to increased need for temporary security fences for a range of sectors: particularly the NHS.

Visibility was key to the success of the new venture. FenceSafe’s web presence needed to outrank more established players, connect quickly with audiences, and provide a simple path to procurement. What’s more, the website needed to be operational within a tight time-frame of just six weeks, with a go-live date of 10th August.

With the company targeting leads and enquiries worth £200,000 per month, and a challenge to find a fresh new look that stood out from the norm, Harris’ web developers worked hard to meet the brief.

What did we do?

With no option to meet face-to-face, the research and planning phase had to go online: Harris’ web and design teams undertook a series of strategic Zoom meetings to get to grips with FenceSafe’s USPs and customer relationships quickly.

Research showed that users needed a simple way to select the right product, and an easy path to procurement. The finished site prioritises these functions, whilst also taking into account SEO performance and the company’s additional key messages around its speed of response and customer service.

We developed a simple product selector tool based on Boolean logic to guide users through a series of steps to find the right product and create the enquiry – without the visitor being asked dozens of questions, or having to trawl through multiple product options manually.

Prior to going live, our designers and developers created a new design treatment, wireframes, SEO-optimisation and user engagement, and working closely with the FenceSafe Hire team, the site was populated with SEO-ready content.

What was the result?

The website immediately showed impressive results, with visitor traffic high from the first month and enquiries and orders both exceeding expectations for month one.

As well as achieving enquiries and orders in excess of the £200,000 target in month one, the site visibility was outranking its more established competitors within one month of its launch – and we exceeded the client’s expectations in terms of site traffic and keyword ranking too.

Stewart Plant, director of marketing at FenceSafe said: “When you work with an agency trying to get them to understand your brand and voice can often be tough. However, this was never the case with Harris Creative; from the very first second of the concept they not only understood but bought into what we wanted to achieve.

“From concept to completion we worked in tandem with Harris Creative as one unit; delivering a website and digital experience that has brought in live enquiries from New Zealand, United States, GCC and the UK.”

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