Skip the Tip

#SkipTheTip 6-8 yard skips graphic

What was the brief?

To create a social media campaign for Collard Group, a waste management company, that would increase interaction, and most importantly drive traffic to its website to promote its Skip Hire service and encourage people to call or book online.

What did we do?

Collard especially wanted to focus on the four bank holidays which come in quick succession over April and May as a period in which people undertake home DIY projects, and make it easy for home owners to order a skip. The key messaging revolved around how quick and easy it was for the customer to do this, rather than visiting their local tip with waste, and we encouraged people to #SkipTheTip.

We created a series of graphics highlighting the various skips and grab bags which would be suitable for domestic projects, in the style of a fact file to let customers easily understand the size, amount of waste that each could hold, and the projects they were suited for. The graphics were bright and eye-catching, and included very little text so the customer absorbed key information very quickly.

These graphics were shared across all four of Collard’s social media platforms, with particular emphasis on Facebook and Instagram as the two platforms to best target the key demographic. The campaign also included posts that were boosted for maximum reach to the specific area Collard works in – the south east and south west of England.

#SkipTheTip Grab/mega bags graphic

What was the result?

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