A day to remember – creating Senior’s Aluminium Day

the graphic shows the aluminium day campaign as it appears on a tablet and a smart phone

When one of our longest-standing clients Senior Architectural Systems asked us to suggest new ways to raise brand awareness and drive engagement through its social channels, we wanted to do something a little different. That was back in 2019 and ever since then, March 13th has meant only one thing – Aluminium Day!

We recently marked Aluminium Day’s 5th anniversary and before thoughts turn to next year’s event, let’s take a look back at why this social media campaign has got everyone talking!

All about Aluminium

Our client Senior Architectural Systems is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of aluminium doors, windows and curtain wall systems and Aluminium Day has provided the perfect vehicle to celebrate and recognise the versatility of this popular building material. The very first Aluminium Day  was a huge success, establishing what has become an annual event and even catching the eyes of the judges at the CIPR Pride Awards where the campaign was recognised in the Best Use of Social Media category.

Five years on and Aluminium Day has provided Senior with the opportunity to focus on several topical issues, all centred around the unique features of the metal, and most importantly inviting contributions from a wide range of companies both in and outside of the construction sector.

From discussing sustainability and manufacturing innovations, to the use of aluminium in film and television and most recently, the need to plug the skills gap and identify the industry’ future ‘Aluminium Aces’, the campaign has continued to grow.

Although the main event takes place across Senior’s social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and X), Aluminium Day is a full team effort and is supported through the design and creation of social media graphics as well as editorial content shared across both the trade press and on Senior’s website.

Since launching in 2019, Aluminium Day has gone from strength to strength. We’ve seen contributions from industry organisations like ALFED (The Aluminium Federation) across both social and traditional media outlets, as well as involvement from companies from within Senior’s own fenestration sector (including from some of its competitors!) and the wider construction and manufacturing markets. After initially running on Twitter (now X), Aluminium Day has evolved to include all social media channels and with the growing recognition of Aluminium Day as an annual ‘awareness day’, we are already looking forward to March 13th 2025!

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