Animating the circular economy for Air Products

As construction marketing specialists, we are often asked to find creative ways to distil a complex process into an easily digestible piece of content.

After all, construction is a fast-paced and highly technical industry – leaving our clients searching for ways to quickly grab the attention of time-poor audiences without getting bogged down in jargon or making simple matters appear more complicated than they really are.

That was the case for our client Air Products, a leading provider of essential industrial gases and related equipment to dozens of industries. With a keen eye on sustainability, Air Products needed to communicate the process for returning used gas canisters via the company’s fulfilment partner, FedEx.


Keeping Air Products moving

At Harris Creative, we’ve long been advocates of video: it’s a powerful yet succinct tool in your marketing toolkit that can cut through the clutter on social feeds and quickly communicate your key messages. But we understand that it can be tricky to co-ordinate filming and booking studio space or working with actors can see costs spiral. That’s why we recommended an animated video with a clear voiceover to give a simple, step-by-step guide to the process.

“Our in-house design capabilities means we are able to provide a custom design style for each animation. Rather than relying on the client or partner agencies to provide the elements needed to animate these messages, we can do everything start to finish.”
Lucy Philips, designer, Harris Creative

Harris’ in-house animation experts developed a storyboard to allow the client to understand the animation style and pace of the video, and to ensure that we included all key messages.

Once approved, our team set to work animating the video in a way that combined simplicity and brand-awareness, building a clean and easy-to-follow guide to the process of returning canisters. A friendly English-language voiceover and subtitles completed the video.

Fit for the future – and new frontiers

“The work Harris Creative completed on the returns process animation surpassed my expectations. Thank you for your hard work and creativity.”
– David Bryant, segment programme manager, Air Products

As well as picking up positive comments from the client, we know that the finished video will have a purpose for the future too. Air Products is a global supplier of gases and associated equipment, so we knew that this would be the basis for the global communication.

Animation offers the flexibility to translate the messages in the video into multiple languages without the need to reshoot or re-animate segments of the video – and that’s exactly what’s coming next, with Harris now appointed to create multilingual versions of the animation for Air Products’ global audiences across the world.

We’re proud to have found a cost-effective and simple yet powerful solution to support Air Products’ commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.

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