#Celebr8ingJoinery – a campaign we knew woodwork!

The judges at PR moment said: “A lovely campaign based on a genuine understanding of the audiences and the subject matter. Well measured with good results.”

Ben Langham, Cre8 Joinery Solutions director said: “We loved the Celebra8ing Joinery campaign idea ever since we first heard about it from the Harris team. We’re passionate about joinery but I think we often take for granted the skill and craftmanship that goes into everything we create and every project we deliver as we’re focussed on the end result.

The campaign gave us chance to put joinery centre stage for a change. We’ve worked with Harris for many years and we value the fresh perspective they bring to highlight the work that we do. Their understanding of, and appreciation for our goals as a business, means everything is fully aligned with our strategy. Celebr8ing Joinery is a perfect example of this in action – we always knew it was a winner!”


Celebrating the joinery trade

We recently won the Social Media Campaign of the Year award at the PR Moment Awards for our campaign which we devised for long-standing client Cre8 Joinery Solutions.

#Celebr8ingJoinery was a pure celebration of the joinery trade. Its core objective was to shine a spotlight on Cre8’s own bespoke in-house manufacturing capability and the people behind its projects – showing it as a company with personality driven by passionate people not robots.

Achieving a 42% increase in engagement across its social media channels, #Celebr8ingJoinery has not only increased brand awareness of Cre8 but has successfully laid the foundations for its next chapter.

How did we celebr8?

#Celebr8ingJoinery was born out of the natural curiosity we all have – offering Cre8’s clients a peek behind the scenes at its factory while also celebrating the many years of skill and expertise that go into every single piece of furniture and fit out project delivered by Cre8. We wanted to shine a spotlight on the process as well as the diverse range of finished projects.

The content was devised based on the success of previous high engagement posts and the aim was to create shareable content that wasn’t just specific to Cre8. The campaign was designed to stand out from Cre8’s regular content through its series of eye-catching graphics and was deliberately different to the norm but at the same time, it complemented the polished project photography shared alongside the campaign.

#Celebr8ingJoinery ran as a five-month campaign on all of Cre8’s social platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram – from April to August. It was built around four key content pillars to highlight Cre8’s passion, expertise and above all manufacturing capability, including facts, insights, testimonials and completed projects.


The results – we nailed it!

The campaign was designed primarily to drive social media engagement with a target set for a 20% increase. In actual fact the campaign achieved the following:

This campaign was closely aligned with Cre8’s overall marketing objectives, including increasing awareness of Cre8 as a UK manufacturer and its experienced, reliable and highly responsive team who are able to offer a diverse scope of works and successfully mitigate against the challenges posed by material supply issues.

Cre8’s joinery team enjoyed being such an integral part of the campaign and by highlighting the longevity of service, it also demonstrated clearly that Cre8 is a great company to work for – perfect messaging for a company which is actively looking to grow its workforce.

All in all, thanks to #Celebr8ingJoinery Cre8 has much to celebrate – and so do we!

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