Showcasing a long-standing partnership with Air Products and Keltech

Seamus Lawlor, Director of Business at Keltech, said: “Working with Harris Creative, and Mike in particular has been brilliant! It’s the best video I have ever seen at Keltech. All of the shots were fantastic, in particular the welding shots, and I’m really grateful of the amazing job done by Mike and the team.”


The mission: promote 22-years of collaboration to build both brands

In 2022, we were tasked by leading industrial gas supplier Air Products, to travel over to Waterford, Ireland and create a short film highlighting the long-standing collaboration and partnership between themselves and the contract manufacturing partner, Keltech.

Keltech uses Air Products gases for its manual and robotic welding, as well as on-site cutting operations and has been working closely with them for over 22 years.

The video needed to raise brand awareness through promoting the expert solutions that both businesses provide, as well as the fact that these two companies have been part of a long-lasting partnership. The film would need to go behind the scenes and find out the reasons as to why this is such a successful partnership and why there has been constant growth between the two companies for such an extended period of time.

Our strategy: content, captions and cuts

The first phase of this project required a two-day trip over to Waterford, Ireland to be on-site at the Keltech factory to film a variety of different content. This included conducting in-depth interviews with representatives of both Air Products and Keltech, taking video footage of ongoing works within the factory and sweeping drone shots of the factory above and the surrounding area, showcasing our ability to capture a diverse amount of videography using different techniques.

Once all necessary film was captured, the production process began with our visual production manager, Mike, searching through the hours of content for the perfect shots ready to be precisely edited down before putting the finishing touches to the video. Clear and concise audio as well as captions for the interviews were key to conveying the key messages and extending the piece beyond just a regular corporate video. Fast paced cuts between each piece of footage was an important aspect of this video too, allowing the viewer the correct amount of time to witness each shot whilst not skipping past any moment too sharply.


The impact: creating more than just a corporate video

The final product of this project is an informative piece of film that is able to tell story of how two companies have collaborated to create a prosperous and long-lasting partnership, whilst raising each company’s brand awareness and showcasing the expertise within their respective fields.

The end-to-end production value throughout the project, from filming on-site to the production process, right down to the meticulous editing of the footage created an invaluable corporate tool for Air Products.

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