Delivering practical photography solutions


The rise of social media has led to a demand for accompanying photography that is of a suitable quality and content to engage an audience and tell a story.

Whilst everyone now has the hardware on their mobile phones to shoot images, often the quality is inadequate for more than the most basic use, such as Twitter. There is often a further requirement to maximise the use of imagery across additional platforms such as the company website or online PR, where generally mobile phone images are not of a suitable quality.

Harris now offers a one-day course in basic photography techniques which are intended to familiarise attendees with the essential functions of DSLR cameras including exposure, depth of field, suitable ISO ratings, image size and colour balance.

In addition, the course offers an introduction into creative imagery for PR and social media, designed to provide a practical overview of how to create pictures that will engage with your audience.

Harris ยป Delivering practical photography solutions