Hallows’ Eve at Harris



On Christmas Eve, families everywhere gather to watch the most feel-good Christmas movies they can get their hands on.

At Harris, however, we decided to use another eve – Hallows’ Eve – to do something a little different. We got kitted out in our best fancy dress outfits, ate pizza and stuffed our faces with sweets whilst watching a double bill of The Ring and Scream.

It turns out, though, that The Ring isn’t anywhere near as scary as we all thought it was when we were 15. If this is one of the by-products of getting old, can we stay young please?

While the films might not have scared us, what did provide a fright was the tour of the un-used upstairs of the grand, gothic building we’re based in. It’s unlit, slightly unruly and downright terrifying once the sun goes down. Giving a tour to my guest with the flashlight on my phone was one of the scariest things I have done in years. I felt like one of the people in scary movies who is clearly doing something that will lead to their demise and eventual gruesome death. I might pitch the idea of turning it into a haunted maze for next year’s Halloween celebrations.

Today marks my first month at Harris and it is already clear to me that to everyone who works here, this is more than just a place of business, it’s somewhere where people truly enjoy one another’s company. Our movie night made that clear.

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