From in-house to agency


January 2015 was a great month for me. Not only was I celebrating my first anniversary living in the United Kingdom but I also began to work for Harris Associates.

After leaving Mexico in 2014 to study a Masters in Strategic Communication and Public Relations at Leeds Beckett University, I did not know what direction my career would take. However, I started this year with a new job.

It was exciting and not only because of the job and all the things that come with that, like meeting new people and having new responsibilities, but because for first time in the past five years I was not going to be the client but the agency.

There are clearly a lot of differences between agency and in-house roles with pros and cons for each but I think it is great to have the opportunity to experience both in order to develop my career and know the industry from every single angle.

Every day is different here and I really like that. One day you can come in thinking that you will work developing content for a client but you get in and already have another request from a new client so you have to manage your time very well to get everything done and with the best possible quality. I also like that I’m now immersed in a creative and fun culture.

Now I’ve been here for over a month and I can say that I feel happy and I think that is because I work for a successful PR agency. Why can I say that? Because I see in-house teams that treat Harris Associates like a business partner and as an extension of their own teams. Both teams negotiate expectations together and face challenges in the best way possible.

I work in an agency that truly cares about its clients and is constantly finding ways to improve the services it offer…and that is how it should be.

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