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Whether one’s flying over a football match, having a near-miss with an aircraft or saving ferrets (really) – since drones came on the scene, they’ve rarely been out of the news.

What might not be clear from these stories though is how, when incorporated into video marketing, the footage captured by drones can set a business apart from it’s competitors.

For those that don’t know, drones are essentially small helicopters, operated from the ground with a remote control and are designed to carry a camera to record video and photography.

But can anyone fly a drone in a corporate video? No, to use one commercially in the UK, you need a license from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). The license process is rigorous – trust us, we’ve got one!

Drones are becoming a well-established feature in video content, as they capture something an operator at ground level simply can’t. They offer a new, unique perspective and make for exciting video content.

The use of drones can be a particularly effective way of enhancing traditional architectural photography and video as they can provide the perfect high angle shot to show the size and scale of a building – a sure fire way to impress customers!

There are many sectors where drone footage can be used, for example:

    • Sports
    • News
    • Outdoor events
    • Architecture
    • Property
    • Construction
    • Car related businesses
    • Surveying

We believe drone footage can add production value and professionalism to a corporate video, but you be the judge – watch this film we made for our client, Arbor Forest.

Arbor Forest Products – Company Overview

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