The spirit of Leeds

The architecture in Leeds dates from the Middle Ages to the modern day. The impressive buildings all over our city offer a plethora of styles that illustrate the vast, and sometimes dark, history of Leeds. The buildings which particularly lend themselves to this time of year are the eerie and the enchanting – perfect for Halloween.

Here are a few of the ways that Leeds is making the most of its spooky architecture and gruesome past this Halloween.

‘Terrifying’ Temple Newsam

If you’re looking for an actual haunted house on October 31st, then look no further than Temple Newsam. Built in the early 1500’s, the rare Tudor-Jacobean architecture of this impressive building is home to some truly terrifying stories – have you heard about the Blue Lady who died in a state of delirium there and still roams its halls? Or how about Phoebe Gray, the nursemaid who was brutally murdered by a servant? But don’t worry – the activities at this fiendish farm on Halloween will be child-friendly and suitable for all!

‘Monstrous’ medical museum

Thackray Medical Museum has been many things since it opened in 1861 – a workhouse, a medical facility for the poor, and East Leeds War Hospital in the First World War. The building’s exterior is a mixture of Gothic Revival and Victorian, which lends itself perfectly to the ghost stories of its interior – legend has it there’s a waving woman who walks about, and the ghost of a man in a white coat. The museum is taking advantage of its creepy architecture and spooky stories, and putting on a ‘Mortal to Mortem’ event – think autopsies and dissections. Not for the squeamish!

‘Alarming’ Armley

Another suitably spooky building in Leeds hosting some horrors this Halloween is Armley Mills. Designed by former Mayor of Leeds Benjamin Gott in 1805, the industrial architecture and crumbling façade give the Mills a macabre feel – the perfect setting for some paranormal activity! There have been many supernatural sightings at the Mill, including a figure in a top hat and a woman in a black dress. The ghost hunt takes place from 9pm on Saturday 2nd November – enter if you dare!

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With so much horrible history to enjoy, there’s plenty to keep everyone suitably spooked. How will you be spending your Halloween?

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