Bringing CCF customers and suppliers together under one roof

“When our colleagues came up with the idea of hosting a special Women in Construction networking event, we immediately spoke to Harris to see how we could elevate it for maximum impact. We loved the ‘Together Under 1 Roof’ theme and all the design elements came together perfectly on the day to make it memorable. We had some excellent feedback and we’re looking forward to hosting future ‘Together Under 1 Roof’ events.”

Sophie Green
CCF Marketing Promotions Manager – External


Championing women in construction

As a construction products and materials distributor, CCF is in a unique position to connect manufacturers with customers to share knowledge as well as addressing wider issues affecting the sector such as the skills shortage, sustainability, and diversity.

With research showing that women currently make up only around 13 per cent of the construction workforce, CCF is keen to challenge this and pave the way to welcoming a more diverse workforce to the sector. CCF’s regional sales account manager (Scotland), Sacha Khalil, wanted to raise the profile of other women like her who are working in what may be perceived as traditionally ‘male role’ and so the idea to host a Women in Construction networking event was born.

The aim of the event was to celebrate the role women play in the construction industry while also addressing the barriers faced by women working in the sector and how these could be overcome. The team looked to Harris as CCF’s marketing agency to bring this idea to life.

Togetherness – how we supported CCF

The first step was to develop an overarching theme for the day – ‘Together Under 1 Roof’. The rationale was that as well as fitting CCF’s overall strategy, it also conveys community and togetherness, ensuring everyone would feel included. And what’s more, ‘Together Under 1 Roof’ could also lend itself to similar events in the future, creating an effective vehicle for CCF to promote this kind of collaborative activity going forward.

After developing the theme, we created the design collateral to give the event maximum impact. Our team designed everything to feel like a social event rather than a business gathering – making it all as Instagram-able as possible. The main design element was the bespoke house style gift boxes which were filled with goodies including treats from a local female owned and run bakery, and presented to each attendee on arrival. We also designed eye-catching pop-up banners and A2 posters on easel stands to dress the room and set out the order of the day.

Our PR and social media team created a post-event press release and blog for the CCF website written from the perspective of the team who had devised and hosted this event. Putting the team who made the event happen front and centre demonstrates how activity like this is an integral part of day-to-day operations at CCF.

Mission accomplished – celebrating women in construction together

The event represented a powerful group of women who are making a real difference and inspiring change in others and CCF received excellent feedback from the attendees who came away feeling positive and hopeful.

Our work with CCF on the ‘Together Under 1 Roof’ design theme created a memorable identity for the event, positioning CCF as a company that cares and aligning it with ROCKWOOL as one of its key suppliers and main sponsor of the event. It just one way we’ve been able to work with CCF to date to showcase its ongoing commitment to collaboration and inclusion.

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