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Our expert construction PR team knows exactly how to shine a light on your company’s best qualities, so why not put your reputation in our hands?

Well-managed PR can not only form the foundations of your company’s reputation, but can educate and inform your audience about matters that will affect them or their business – establishing you as an expert worth listening to.

Many companies recognise the need to generate ‘good PR’ but not all understand what this really means.

PR, or public relations, is really creating and managing reputations and relationships with your customers, your colleagues or your main stakeholders. Effective PR will underpin all aspects of your marketing campaign and as such, needs to be incorporated at the heart of your company’s values and embraced at every level.

Good PR is reliant on good communication and for that, you need to consider who you want to talk to, what you want to say and most importantly, how you want to say it. This is why PR and creative, targeted content go hand in hand.

We understand the nuances of the construction market, and as well as creating relevant content, we can communicate your messages using an appropriate and authentic tone of voice. Whether you want to reach a busy architect, interior designer, main contractor or specialist trade, we understand your audience and the media it consumes.

Our approach

We work closely with you to devise a PR campaign that builds a positive relationship with your target audience and create content that can engage, educate, or persuade. As construction marketing specialists, this often involves us fulfilling a ‘news room’ function whereby we manage the flow of external communications and respond to media requests and enquiries on behalf of our clients.

We can also plan, execute, and manage PR campaigns that incorporate:


Creating content that connects

As a multiservice construction marketing agency, we specialise in creating targeted content that fulfils the wider requirements of reputation management and relationship building.

Our experienced and knowledgeable PR team can work with you as an extension of your in-house team, providing ethical guidance and practical support to create impactful campaigns and communication strategies. Let’s see how we can help – get in touch with our team today.

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