E-marketing creates a direct line to your customers and stakeholders. That means it can be a powerful part of your business development strategy – and when combined with other marketing tools like social media, search engine optimisation, and an effective customer-facing website, it can provide tangible return on investment.

Your construction marketing agency can help you to devise an e-marketing strategy that will speak your customers’ language and encourage them to click and follow your calls to action. We work with clients to determine their key messages, identify their audiences, and adopt the right tone of voice to build e-marketing campaigns that truly resonate.

What to consider when building an e-marketing strategy:

Our approach

Whether it’s an ongoing strategy or a single campaign, our e-marketing expertise and construction industry knowledge allows us to see the bigger picture as well as the minute detail – so we know how your e-mails fit in with your wider digital presence.

We can advise on everything from the topics that will grab your audience’s attention, to what time of week or day is best to reach the people you’re aiming to connect with. We know how to ensure you grab people’s attention as they scroll through their inbox without being too ‘in-your-face’, and our designers and copywriters work together to deliver something that is both memorable and on-message.

We’re capable of working across various mail delivery platforms, and can even advise on what would be the best option for you and your business to ensure that your e-marketing programme runs smoothly.

Top tip: keeping it compliant

For any e-marketing campaign, it’s important that you have a fully GDPR-compliant, clean and up-to-date contact database. We can advise on how to build and maintain your contact list, and how to ensure that once you have established legitimate interest, you keep unsubscribes to a minimum. That way, you can keep your content in front of your customers – maximising your chances of being front and centre when they’re ready to buy from a business like yours.

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