The media is constantly expanding and developing, and it can seem overwhelming to find the right platform for your message.

Social media, public relations, and SEO can lay the trail to guide your potential customers to your door, but often there’s a need for a more direct approach – which is where advertising can be a powerful tool.

Finding the right blend of organic and paid media is vital to your brand’s success – and putting your advertising strategy and execution in the hands of an agency that knows the construction sector inside-out is a great starting point.

What do you mean by ‘advertising’?

Advertising is directly targeted, paid-for space that your customers are guaranteed to see. That can mean full-page ads in construction magazines, digital adverts on websites they frequent, or out-of-home advertising such as billboards or ad-vans: at Harris, we’ve done it all. We understand that sometimes targeted is best, and can manage your regional advertising strategy too with regional radio adverts or online advertorials with regional news outlets. And that’s without getting into online strategies like PPC or paid social media campaigns!

How does Harris tackle advertising for construction companies?

We start with your end goals: who do you want to specify your product or engage your services? Once we have your customer fixed in mind, we can start to craft an advertising strategy or campaign that suits your needs. From there, it’s our job to consider:

Will my ad campaign get results?

With digital advertising, including digital out-of-home advertising, results are trackable and provable, meaning that you can see the impact your advertising has pretty much immediately. And with traditional media such as magazines – still a powerful medium for those who prefer to leaf through their content rather than scroll – we work to ensure that the calls to action are clear and trackable, making use of dedicated landing pages and unique URLs to measure how many people are taking the next step in their journey toward making a purchase with you or employing your services.

Whatever your goals, Harris Creative will craft an advertising campaign that will put your construction business directly in front of your target audience.

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