Making the most of Facebook


Hands up if you don’t have a Facebook account? That’s right, pretty much every man and his dog have a profile on the world’s most popular networking site by now. Heck, even my mum has one!

While it’s evidently a fantastic tool to keep in touch with old school friends and snoop around their pictures (jeez, she’s filled out since 2000!) more and more businesses are latching onto the huge benefits offered by the site by ensuring they’ve got a significant presence on it.

Barely a week passes without a Facebook group or campaign making the national headlines, further highlighting how far reaching the impact social media is now having on the wider media landscape.

But what are the benefits of having your brand name in full view of over 200 million registered users? Well, for a start having your brand name in full view of over 200 million registered users!

Of course, there are plenty more positives to be gained by having a presence of Facebook, such as significantly improving your brand’s search engine optimisation and allowing you to post news stories and important company information immediately without having to contend with the lengthy lead times of magazines.

Facebook also offers you a chance to measure the activity your page receives through ‘insights’, which allows you to see how many people have viewed particular bits of information, looked at photos, clicked through to your official website, etc.

Having a fully interactive Facebook page or group for your business ensures there is a direct line between you and your customers and also allows you to retain control over your message, eradicating the danger of this message being diluted through various media channels.

Social media is still a fledgling market so having a presence now gives you an edge over your rivals. And as if all this wasn’t enough…it’s free!

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