The fluorescent fashion


I don’t for a minute suggest that hi-visibility jackets don’t have a place, but now everyone’s wearing them I wonder if we’ll soon become as immune to them as we are to dot matrix warning signs on the motorway?

Employers and in particular the public sector seem more fearful of being sued than actually preventing accidents so they issue the yellow perils to all and sundry. Now I really can’t see that with the application of a little common sense, loading a van, cutting a lawn or delivering the post is unduly risky to the individual or the community at large, unless of course it’s being undertaken by someone on the Early Release scheme, in which case perhaps a hi-vis with arrows on would help.

So in the rush to avoid litigation and don what seems to have become a fashion accessory, how long before we start to put the very people at risk that the hi-vis was actually designed to protect?

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