A balancing act


Verity Park

It takes a special kind of person to want to juggle their third year university studies with a public relations internship, but we’re delighted to say that we’ve found that person! Here, Verity Park talks about how she’s found the balancing act between completing a degree and taking her first steps into the world of public relations.

After a relaxing summer at my home in the Welsh countryside, September brought with it a host of exciting new ventures. First up was my return to Leeds University for my final year, closely followed by a brand new start as a PR executive at Harris.

As an English Literature undergraduate I didn’t know much about the inner workings of a PR and marketing agency, so it’s fair to say I was slightly nervous on my first day. However, with help from Karla and the rest of the team, I soon settled in with plenty of projects to get involved with.

It was only six months ago, during my work experience with the communications team of the NSPCC, that I realised I wanted to work in PR. So it is amazing that after only two months of working for Harris I’ve created social media competitions, scheduled social media content, written press releases and compiled coverage reports for our clients. I’ve also learnt that a Polly Pocket is a child’s game and is not the same as a Punched Pocket – thanks Karla!

So far, I’ve found balancing work and studies really rewarding and long may it continue!

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