Carving out a digital presence for Nautilus

Nautilus is a multi-disciplinary commercial roofing and cladding contractor, with a range of technically advanced solutions.

An effective online presence was needed to reflect the company’s unique approach to business and construction and its core values of cooperation, craftsmanship, integrity and professionalism.

The site needed to help shift perception away from the company being simply a roofing installer, and to position them as a major specialist contractor.

The website would become the company’s main digital presence, so it had to make an impact and encourage the audience to make contact.

Nautilus website

How did it happen?

To stand out, the Nautilus website was developed with a minimalist site structure and good use of space and typography. With a modern colour palette, using the warm grey of the brand sparingly on links and call to action buttons, the site looks fresh and engaging, achieving a professional and trustworthy feel.

Company and product information is clearly laid out, with the systems each having a dedicated section. Supported by project case studies the site is information rich while being easy to navigate.

We also produced strong photography, which were added utilising parallax scrolling creating an illusion of depth, and short videos to showcase the Nautilus systems in full, showing the progress from installation to completion.

What were the results?

Traffic over the first three months grew rapidly, with the site now beginning to rank strongly for keywords relevant to the company.

Even though the site has been live only a matter of months the client has fed back on the major changes it has had on how their business is perceived with existing clients, and crucially how it is supporting their drive to new markets and clients.

The first three months of business since Nautilus’ official launch have produced an improvement in bottom-line sales, with orders increasing by 10 per cent. Online enquiries via the new website have increased by 25 per cent, compared to the enquiries for the Wales office via the previous company’s website.


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