First class photography on First Street

A landmark project in Manchester involved our client, Lakesmere, on a number of buildings on and around First Street.

First Street Manchester

Our brief was to capture both the scale of the project and the detail of Lakesmere’s varied cladding works on individual buildings.

Fundamental to producing evocative images that both engage and communicate, is shooting at the right time of day and in the most appropriate weather conditions. In this instance the clean lines of the cladding were enhanced by shooting on a crisp sunny day with a clear blue sky.

First Street Manchester First Street Manchester

Whilst architectural photography successfully communicated the scope of works on individual buildings across the 10-acre site, the scale of the project was comprehensively captured with a cost-effective, short, captioned video; thereby providing the bigger picture and helping to sell Lakesmere’s capabilities more expansively to its marketplace.

Still images on both social media and digital marketing were used to engage the audience and to raise awareness of the video, ultimately helping generate traffic to the client’s website.

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