Ruth’s one month work-iversary


1 month hat

I’ve just celebrated my one month ‘work-iversary’ as PR account executive at Harris, and can’t decide whether it feels like I’ve been here for forever or ten minutes!

On the one hand, it’s gone very fast as I’m busy every day creating new content for our clients’ social media accounts or writing up news stories and press releases.

On the other hand, everyone’s been so welcoming that I’ve felt like a part of the team from my first week!

During my first month in the role I’ve learnt a lot – social media tricks from Karla and writing skills from Guy, as well as getting to know our range of clients.

I’ve also gained other vital knowledge such as how to say ‘Tippex’ in Spanish*, the beauty of GIFs and how everyone in the team likes their tea.

I enter my second month looking forward to working on a new client’s social media accounts and wondering what Spanish word I’ll learn next!

*It’s corrector, FYI.

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