All that glitters – reaping the rewards of industry awards


By Liz Slack, senior PR account manager

Award in the shape of a stat on an orange background

Awards are not simply a vanity exercise:  they should form a central part of your PR strategy. We invest a lot of time and resources into identifying relevant awards and creating stand-out submissions for our clients as well as ourselves. Here’s just some of the reasons why we believe it’s totally worth all the time and effort!

Even making the shortlist for an award brings a whole host of benefits, not least because it gives you an excellent chance to get your name in front of potential new clients and alongside your competitors. A win, commendation or shortlisting all provide a prime opportunity to talk about your products or services and what it is that you do differently, in a fresh way.

Being recognised for a relevant industry accolade demonstrates to the world that your company has achieved a certain level of best practice or innovation and can therefore be considered a leader in your field. This is of course a fantastic message to be able to communicate to both existing and new clients and can help shape future marketing materials. Winning an award is not just a one hit wonder, but something which you’ll reap the rewards from for years to come.

An award win also adds to the credibility of your brand. The majority of awards have a rigorous judging process in place often with a panel of industry experts to judge the entries or a voting system among leading industry peers.

Most importantly, an award allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and show the personality behind your brand. In a crowded marketplace being able to show how you do things differently is vital. As well as an ideal way to attract new clients, awards success is something which shareholders, investors and even potential new staff will all take into consideration.

So that stacked awards cabinet and list of accolades will almost certainly help to grow your business for the future.

And as these are just a few of the benefits you’ll see, it’s definitely worth putting in the time to craft the perfect entry… but that sounds like the start of another blog!

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