Making the video review process easier and quicker than ever!

Our resident filmmaker, Andy Stelmach, has been trying out the latest exciting new tools from Vimeo, the professional video sharing website, to see how they’ll make a difference to us and our clients.

Reviewing a video can be incredibly time consuming. You will have probably spent time on the phone or writing lengthy emails to give feedback after watching a video that’s being created for you. The workflow is spread across multiple different platforms and that’s not as synced up as it could be. Vimeo’s new feature changes that.

So what does this mean for our clients?

Let me explain; the client gets the latest video link, which directs them through to the video and its review page. Once they’ve watched it, they can then click on the video at any point to make a comment, with no need to record the exact timeframe separately.

Comments such as ‘the music is too loud at this point, can we make it quieter’, or ‘can we use a logo here?’ could be easily noted on the video ready to be amended quickly by our video editing team. There is also a handy feature that allows the creator to turn the comments into ‘to-do’ lists, ticking them off once completed so that no amends are missed.

This is a great step forward, and for us at Harris, it’s going to be a much more intuitive way of working with our clients and interacting with them during the review process. We can access comments and action the work quickly, reducing the need for multiple emails or phone calls.

This video shows you how you can use it:


Harris » Making the video review process easier and quicker than ever!