Evolving with our clients

At Harris, we really value our clients and we’re constantly looking at ways of giving them the best experience of working with us. But how can we offer the best service if we don’t ask them how they’re feeling about it?

That’s the question that our social media manager, Karla Lopez Crowley, asked herself – and we caught up with her to find out the team’s solution.


It’s easy to continue working the way you’ve always known and following procedures you have always done, but at Harris we want to be better than that.

And our clients’ needs might change over time too – perhaps there’s been a shift in their audience that we need to start bearing in mind , or perhaps new people have joined the team – we want to give people the opportunity to influence and adjust the way we work with them.

That’s why I decided to send out an anonymous customer satisfaction survey to all of our clients to find out exactly what their thoughts were, and obtain as much information as possible to make sure we’re offering what they expect from us.

Our social media survey

The survey consisted of 10 questions that varied from the tone of voice that we’ve given their social media accounts, to our responsiveness and their satisfaction with the service offered by their main social media contact. We were delighted that over half of the clients that received the survey replied to us and gave us feedback – and fortunately, this was largely positive.

We’re very thankful that they took the time to tell us what they like and where they’d like to see improvements, and we’ve taken everything into consideration with immediate effect to make sure we’re offering the best possible service every day.

What’s next?

Our plan is to send the survey twice a year and we’re aiming to get a higher score every single time.

We’re currently reviewing the results in full and we will adjust the way we work accordingly. If you’re working with our team and answered our survey – thanks again! And thanks to the team, Ruth and Amy, for helping us achieve these great results.


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