There’s no place like home


By Estelle Bradshaw, social media executive

Anthony Burrill's You & Me mural


A workspace should be a place to enjoy as well as work; the kind of place you’re proud to walk in to every morning and this includes the wider surroundings as well as your immediate office, working in a nice environment really helps our creativity to flourish. That’s why at Harris, we’re proud to be a Leeds-based agency.

Whether it’s the vast amount of stunning, eye-catching buildings and murals or the 37,000 fans at Elland Road every week, there’s something about this city that makes it feel like home for not only so many people, but also so many different businesses.

Having celebrated our 35th birthday last year with a timeline of our history, this year we wanted to look at the buildings and architecture in our home city that inspire us as a business.



What better place to start than on our own doorstep? Our office space is situated in Calls Landing, an historic former warehouse built in the early 1900s. Its location right beside the River Aire gives us stunning views to look out to, and since moving to this office over four years ago, all we have to do is take a look out of the window to see the sun shining on to the river, reflecting on to Anthony Burrill’s You & Me mural opposite our windows to gather all the inspiration needed to be creative.


Leeds Central Library

Just a 15-20-minute walk from our office is Leeds Central Library. A stunning Grade-II listed building, it’s home to Leeds’s main public library as well as other valuable services. Situated in the city centre on Calverley Street, it’s home to the city’s single largest general lending and reference collection and hosts the Leeds Art Gallery. Designed to complement the Town Hall located just to its left, this grand building boasts an Italianate façade in beautiful Yorkshire stone and with colourful tiles and eye-catching staircases all around. We really think it’s a must-see building for locals and tourists alike!


Leeds Kirkgate Market

Kirkgate Market has been at the very heart of Leeds since it first opened back in 1857 – and is the original home of the now-iconic Marks&Spencer, which opened as a market stall in 1884. Now, Kirkgate Market is home to many wonderful and characterful traders, with businesses spanning generations of families and representing a wide range of cultures and nationalities, something we care about deeply here at Harris. It’s one of the largest indoor markets in Europe, and with an expansive range of products, food and drink on offer, whether you want a local shopping trip or you’re just popping down to grab some lunch (just like we do!), the options are endless.


Rainbow of Hope mosaic

Leeds is known for its creative street art with murals and mosaics dotted all over the city, so you’re never too far away from a building or wall meaningfully decorated with precision. One of our favorites has to be the Rainbow of Hope mosaic located just outside Kirkgate Market. Even when the sun isn’t shining,  this mosaic brightens up not only the entrance to the market but the city as a whole with an old but beautiful message: ‘every cloud has a silver lining.’ Displaying this positive message in such vibrant artwork showcases the heart and spirit of this city we call home.


Leeds is a city like no other, with culture and beauty surrounding us in every aspect. Running an agency and conducting business in Leeds opens us up to many opportunities and we’re always delighted to introduce clients to our beloved city.  It’s fair to say that we are immensely proud to be a Leeds-based business, and we’re excited to continue to grow alongside the city.

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