A beginner’s guide to Snapchat


When my mum read our last blog about Snapchat, she had a never-ending list of questions. Perhaps the most obvious was, “Etajha, what is Snapchat?”

I spent all summer shoving my phone in her face taking snaps of her, with her, throwing things at her to get a funny reaction. I suppose I never took the time to explain exactly what the application entailed and why I was being so annoying with my phone.

If my last blog baffled and bemused you, then fear not! Here’s my beginner’s guide to Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a photo sharing application that allows you to send photos or videos to a selected group of friends or friend for up to ten seconds. It then disappears ‘forever’ unless someone takes a screenshot of the image.

What’s a story?

A popular feature on Snapchat is the ‘My Story’ section. When you send your photo or video to your ‘Story’, the photo or video will remain in the story section for up to 24 hours for your friends to view as many times as they please.

Snapchat stories

Why’s there stuff on the image/video?

Before sending your ‘snap’, you can add different features by sliding right on your screen. You can add a colour filter to your photo or videos if you’re about that life (I am).

Snapchat filters

You also have the option of adding the current time, temperature, speed at which you are walking or driving (don’t snap and drive!) and a location tag.

Snapchat time temp speed

Along with the filters and location tags you can write text on your photo as well as drawing on your photo.

Snapchat text to filters

Is there any privacy on it?

If you need to send a message that exceeds the character count they provide you can always send a message by clicking on the message bubble on the left side of your personal snaps screen.

Snapchat messages

Am I too old for it?

Hell no! Give it a go and get snapping.

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