Getting to Know: Mike


Way back in March we welcomed Mike, our new photographer and videographer, to the team. Then two weeks later, we closed the office and went into lockdown!

We caught up with Mike to ask him a few questions about how it felt to finally be back at work, and what it was like starting a new role just as the pandemic hit.

Why do you enjoy filming and photography?
I’ve always loved being creative and have always felt happy when creating content. It’s such a satisfying feeling.

Which is your favourite of the two and why?
It’s too difficult to say. In my opinion, I think they both go hand in hand. That being said, if you want to shoot interesting content and get creative then you need to know your camera, your lenses and the subject matter, so I would say photography is more important to learn first-hand.

What was it like joining a company just as lockdown hit?
It was difficult in the sense that I was just beginning to find my feet, but it is what it is and I’ve had great support and updates throughout.

What have you missed most about your job whilst on furlough?
I hated not being super productive at the beginning, so I worked on my own passion projects and up-skilling. I also completed a COVID-safe course, which means I am fully equipped to work onsite safely. (Mike has also recently passed his drone flying course! Read his blog on that experience here.)

What’s it been like to get back to shooting?
Great! It’s just a shame that the best weather for filming architecture is when the sun is shining… I think we had our summer during the lockdown!

What upcoming project are you most looking forward to?
We have a few dates booked out at the end of August to shoot a series of videos with a client down in Hastings. I don’t want to give too much away but keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels to see more from this mammoth project!


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