Our 2022 Harris highlights!


The photo shows the Harris team.

Just like that, December has crept up on us once again, and as the year comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the work we’ve done. It’s been an incredibly successful year for us here at Harris, we’ve added new clients to our roster, welcomed new additions to the team and even introduced new SEO & PPC and copywriting services, helping us support all our clients’ construction marketing needs in-house.

Join us as our team takes a look back at some of their favourite projects throughout the year.


PR and content – Faye, Liz, Amy, Estelle and Jack

It’s been a year of fantastic results for our PR and content team: from writing successful award entries to integrated campaigns, our team has really gone above and beyond this year.

A particular highlight for our senior account manager, Liz, was our work for M-AR and its joint project with the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint. Members of our PR team helped M-AR in organising a joint media day with Centrepoint, to launch new, bespoke single occupancy homes for young people experiencing homelessness in the London Borough of Southwark.

Liz said: “It was a great experience working closely with the Centrepoint team to arrange the day, and to earn plenty of coverage for M-AR and the project too. It’s always really rewarding to work on projects that can make a difference.”


Photography and video – Mike

Our visual production manager Mike has spent the year travelling up and down the country showcasing his photography and videography skills for a broad range of our clients.

A particular highlight of our camera connoisseur’s year is his work for Air Products. Travelling all the way over to Waterford, Ireland he was asked to create a film highlighting the long-standing collaboration between Air Products and engineering company, Keltech.

Mike commented: “I’ve never been to Ireland before, and I haven’t filmed anything in a country outside the UK – so it was very different in terms of logistics, etc. I really enjoyed the challenge.”


Design – Emily and Lucy

Our design division is always hard at work showcasing its creative flair, producing a whole host of eye-catching solutions, from e-shots to brochures. Lucy, one of our designers, particularly enjoyed our work rebuilding Collard Group’s monthly newsletter.

This year we identified an opportunity to improve the design and user experience of the newsletter, by moving it from Mailchimp to Campaign Monitor. Thanks to the rebuild, we’ve yielded some great results this year, achieving a significant increase in total opens, unique opens and clicks per person.

Lucy said: “I enjoyed working on this project as it was the first complete newsletter rebuild, I’ve been a part of. It took hours of research into understand the user’s journey, and how we could improve that. In the end it all paid off and we’re now offering in-depth analysis into our client’s newsletters and offering advice on how we can further increase statistics in 2023.”


Social media – Karla, Estelle and Jack

It’s been another great year for our social media team, achieving impressive results for a number of our clients. We were even shortlisted at this year’s Construction Marketing Awards for Best Social Media Campaign with our client Cre8 Joinery.

Our head of social media, Karla particularly loved working alongside Cre8 on the #celebr8ingjoinery campaign, a campaign to celebrate the behind-the-scenes aspects of how Cre8 operate and the joinery trade as a whole.

“We had a lot of fun content to share for this campaign. Creating a range of social media posts showcasing fun facts about the industry, personal quotes from Cre8’s joiners and more. It was a fantastic way to learn more about the joinery trade!”


Web and digital – Caroline and Richard

Last year we saw an increased demand for our web services, so this year we had the pleasure of welcoming our new senior front-end developer, Richard to the Harris family. Both he and Caroline have been hard at work this year, using their web and digital capabilities to help achieve incredible results for a number of our clients, in particular our work for Bluebell Building Group.

The Bluebell website design and build was a challenging but rewarding brief, creating a website that was slick and modern in appearance whilst being practical and easy to use.

Caroline, our digital designer and developer said: “I really enjoyed designing parts of the site and incorporating different elements for SEO, such as the FAQs section on the services pages. I love completing a project like this, where I can see the reward of my hard work.”


SEO & PPC – Zeitzan

This year we introduced our brand-new SEO & PPC services, helping both existing and new clients optimise their websites and boost search rankings. Our talented SEO & PPC executive Zeitzan is a new addition to Harris this year and she’s certainly hit the ground running.

Her highlight of the year is her efforts in increasing our client CTD Architectural Tiles’ web search rankings, in particularly helping them gain nearly 3,000 organic keywords relevant to their products across various Google positions.

“This project was great to work on, made even better from the amazing results we achieved. CTDA now ranks in the top 10 positions for 44 keywords and in the top 100 for 76 strategically targeted keywords and terms.”


Overall, it’s been a great year for not only us but all of our clients as well. We always enjoy showcasing their success and achievements through all of our different services. Roll on 2023, we’re eager to see what challenges await us next year!

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