Our take on the 2024 social media trends – part two

By Sarah Cornes, senior social media manager

The quote reads: if you are looking to take your social channels to the next level, investing in a messaging strategy could be the next step to interacting with your customers and potential leads in meaningful ways.

If you missed our first blog on the top social media trends, don’t worry as we are back with our take on the remaining five. 



A new social trend for 2024 is customisation. We predict that platforms will invest in providing more customised ways for users to interact. For example Instagram is testing a ‘Flipside’ private profile experience and Facebook now offers multiple profile options so people can interact in personal and professional ways through their Facebook account. 

The platforms are listening to what their users want and 2024 will be the year that they implement just that. 


Sharing content

Curated content was such a huge thing five years ago but people’s mindsets have changed. 

We believe people are sharing more original and authentic content and there’s a shift to becoming more transparent on social media in 2024. The appeal is to form deeper connections.

Ref: The New York Times


The creator economy

With the shift towards sharing authentic content, the creator economy is becoming even more important on social media, with platforms fighting over the same creators. 

In 2024 we can’t see this changing, it will only become more important with platforms coming up with new ideas to entice creators to use their platform such as expanding on the monetary offering for creators like TikTok’s Creator Fund portal.


Short form video

A large proportion of new social media features and functionality this year has focused on short-form video, particularly improvements to the creative process in-app. However, we predict a decrease in super-short video with consumers watching longer videos via Reels and on TikTok.

50% of TikTok users are now spending half their time watching one minute plus long clips.

Ref: Social Media Today


Messaging is the new social feed

In 2023,  Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri stated, “all the growth in photos and videos from friends has been in stories and in DMs.”

Platforms are interested in making more use of this popular trend of sending direct messages to each other. Instagram has Broadcast Chats, Facebook made Messenger into a separate app in 2011 and WhatsApp is the number one app for sending messages on phones. 

If you want to improve your business’s social media, think about using messaging to talk to your customers  who might be interested in what you offer. We have several options for  messaging tools you can use for your business.

Ref: Backlinko

Well, that’s it – we’ve finished our two-part series on social media trends for 2024. Follow us and get in touch to see how we can help. We’ll guide you to the right social media plan for your company, making things simpler for you.


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